Monday, March 6, 2017

6 March 2017 - Playing in the snow

Typical March weather going on. Last week we had temps reaching the high 50's, even into the 60s. Saturday the wind hit. Freight train wind all day and night Saturday and Sunday. Sunday evening the wind let up and it snowed.  This morning I had a fresh eight inches of pretty good packing snow. 

There were so many things I needed to do that have been put off for too long. Surprise, procrastination crept in.  Here is the sum total of my accomplishments today.  If things are spiraling out of control, make a spiral. When is the last time you played in the snow? And used food coloring? 

If you can't remember, maybe you should put your galoshes on, go out and have some fun. 

Right after I posted this, I looked out the window to see my lovely neighbor Allison, with snow boots, walking the spiral. How perfect!

My brother always makes me laugh. I sent him a photo of my efforts and his text back was:
"Little bit of nervous energy today, Calvin?"

Pretty much. 

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